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What's the difference between Procore's People Import Template and Company Import Template?

 People Import Template

Procore's People Import Template is used to add user records. User records are created for individuals and contain all information specific to a user such as first and last name, phone number, email address, and permission template.

When importing your directory for the first time, we always recommend performing a people import first, then performing a company import afterwards. There are certain fields in the vendor import template (Primary contact, default bid invitee) that require an email address that already exists in your company directory.

After completing your user import, you can Download Existing Vendors for Import and update company and bidder information in bulk. You do not need to complete a new company import template.

Company Import Template

In Procore, a Company Import Template is use to import add company, or vendor, records. Company records are created for the subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and other entities who do business with your organization. These company records contain critical information including the company's address, main contact, project, bidding, and insurance information. 

The company import template contains fields you would associate with a company, such as trade, associated cost code(s), and bidding fields you can sort and filter by when you are adding bidders to your bid packages. Procore provides a separate import template for this company level information in order to reduce conflicting or duplicate information that may occur when importing users.

When adding vendors with a Company Import Template, it's important to note:

  • The Primary Contact will receive an automated email notification within two (2) weeks of an insurance policy's expiration date, if the Send Expiration Notification? check box is selected. See Add Insurance for a Vendor in the Company Directory.
  • The Default bid invitee will automatically populate as their associated company’s bid recipient.

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