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What is the "new" budget?


In the beginning of May, Procore will be combining all of the flexibility of configurable views with the robust functionality of the current budget, and you will no longer need two tabs for your budget.

The improved budget experience will become the default experience for all users.  If you navigate to your configurable views tab today, you will see and use the merged budget experience.

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  • Company Standardization

    • Create and share standardized reporting templates to streamline forecasts and reduce errors.

  • Monitor Financial Health

    • Keep a pulse on project budgets and the financial health of the company while identifying and alleviating bottlenecks.

  • Confidence in Data

    • With standardized forecast reports and visibility into the most up-to-date cost data, you can trust in the numbers.


What are the new enhancements? 

The new enhancements bring flexibility and customization to Procore's budget. All of the flexibility offered in configurable views, will now become Procore's standard budget experience. We are giving you the freedom to customize your budget and create a uniform experience for your company. 

Will it change the data in my budget?

No! We are not changing or moving any of your budget data. We have just improved the look and feel, and increased the ways in which you can interact with your data.

Everyone will have access to Procore's 'Standard' budget view - the view you are familiar with today. But, as a Company Admin, you will also have the ability to create custom views, which will allow you to do things like re-configure columns or calculated columns in order to view the budget the way your company wants to. 

Can I perform the same actions as I'm used to?

Yes. You can still perform all of the same actions you could before, such as the following:

  • Take snapshots
  • Manually update the Forecast to Complete
  • Edit the Original Budget (in an unlocked budget)
  • Access ERP data

How many different budget views can I create?

You can create as many views as you want in order to analyze your budget in different ways. You are not limited to just one, overall budget view. You can create additional views such as a buyout savings view, a change order analysis view, a commitment billing view, etc.

I don't need to configure or change any columns. What other upgrades or changes are there?

  • Budget snapshots have drill-down capability
  • You can modify subtotals by grouping
  • You can expand and collapse for more or less detail
  • There are new and updated filters

Roll-Out Plan

  • Beginning of May
    • Procore's New and Improved Budget Experience
      • Procore will be combining all the all of the flexibility of the configurable viewer, with the robust functionality of your current budget.
      • Create a budget template specific to your company needs. Begin standardizing reports and gaining transparency into the financial health of your projects.
      • Apply budgets to projects. 


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