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What is Change Events (Next Gen)?

Why did we decide to build a new Change Events experience?

We want to streamline communication around the change management process from start to finish. The new experience helps mitigate unforeseen schedule impacts, and reduces the need for a GC to proceed at risk due to unapproved change orders.

What's New?

You are now able to package multiple change events into single change orders, create new subcontracts and purchase orders from change events, utilize more powerful custom reporting, and much more. You can also configure your budget view(s) to show the ROM values as placeholders in your cost projections. 

What is the roll-out plan?

In December, the new and improved Change Events experience will become Procore's standard Change Event experience.

Throughout the month of November, all projects will be migrated over to the new Change Events experience. The migration will happen in 4 phases - one group of customers each week for four weeks:


  • Week 1: Group A: #s, A-C
  • Week 2: Group B: D-K
  • Week 3: Group C: L-S
  • Week 4: Group D: All others

You can see when your company will be migrated based on your company's name. For example, "Joe's Contracting" will be migrated in Week 2 and "123 Builders" will be migrated in Week 1. You will receive a reminder email one month out from your migration date.

Will the migration affect my data?

Absolutely not. All of your project data stored in the old Change Events experience will be transferred to the new experience. 

Want the new experience sooner?

If you want to opt in an existing project early, ask your Company admin to reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

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