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What is a Certification Center?

Certification Center is a private, custom, online section of Procore's Certification site where companies can create their own materials, or reuse Procore's Training Materials, to teach company-specific best practices and procedures. It is the most efficient way to test your user's knowledge of Procore and get both your internal team members and external collaborators certified!

Why create a Certification Center?

Procore's Learning Management System, Skilljar, is built to teach new Procore users how to use our software and then test them on that knowledge. With an eLearning Center, your company has the ability to add company-specific material such as videos, PPTs, PDFs, and quizzes to make sure your team understands how to accomplish tasks the way your company needs them done. You are also able to remove sections of Procore's standard certification course that may not be relevant, or may not be a part of the product category you purchased, streamlining the learning experience so no time is wasted with lessons that aren't relevant to you and your team.


  • Custom Course for Your Team
    Instead of directing your team to the standard Procore certification courses (which may have some irrelevant information for your workflow), create your own course that caters to your team and your goals.
  • Company Branded LinkedIn Certificate
    Upon completion of the course, users receive a certificate with your logo on it that they can list on their LinkedIn profile, giving your brand more visibility.
  • Save Time By Using Our Content
    Why recreate the wheel by sending users outside of Procore to learn how to use the software your way when we've already laid the groundwork? We've got the videos, quizzes, and other materials already made for you to choose from.
  • Control who has access to your eLearning Center
    All content in your eLearning Center will be private by default and will only be accessible to users you've specifically granted access to. If you want to grant access to a larger group, you can create unlisted content, so they can access the content with a direct URL.
  • Create a single source of truth
  • When creating and distributing your own Procore User Manual, users might get confused as to which resource they should use to find their answer: Procore's content or your content?  By housing your customized certification content on our site, users know that they are getting the necessary Procore content, but they're seeing it your way.
  • Showcase company-specific procedures and best practices
    Although you can leverage and reuse Procore's content, you are not limited to only Procore-specific content in your eLearning Center. The eLearning Center can be used to create educational learning paths for any user and any process, including company policies, procedures, and construction management best practices.
  • Create custom learning paths
    Build a custom landing page for each of your related job roles, (e.g. project manager, superintendent, subcontractor, accounting, etc.) so that users learn how to perform the tasks they specifically need to know and don't waste time with processes that they don't.
  • You own your eLearning Center
    Once your eLearning Center is properly configured and set up by Procore's internal Technical Documentation team, the Designated Author(s) of each company's eLearning Center will be properly trained and equipped to both create and manage existing content on their own.

Example: Homepage
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Are you interested in building a Certification Center? 

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