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What is an assignable permission template?


In order to answer this question, it's important to know that Procore provides its customers with a variety of role-based permission templates (see What are role-based permissions? and What are the default permission templates in Procore?). In Procore, permission templates have been designed to manage user access permissions to Procore's Project level tools (see Manage Permission Templates). Permission templates are configured by your company's Procore Administrator, who can:

  • Add one or more custom permission template for use in your company's Procore account. For instructions, see Create a Permission Template.
  • Edit an existing permission template, including custom templates your company has created and Procore's default templates. For instructions, see Edit a Permission Template.

When adding or editing a permission template, your Procore Administrator also has the ability to perform several tasks:


In Procore, an assignable permission template is a role-based permission template that is available for assignment to a user at the time that user is created or added to a Procore project. Assignable permission templates are always defined within a permission template

Jack is a Project Coordinator at Nelson General Contractors. Jack's manager, Jill, created a custom permission template in Procore named 'Project Coordinator - Internal' and then she assigned that template to Jack. Jill wants to provide Jack with the ability to add new users to her Procore projects. However, she wants to limit Jack's ability when creating users, to ensure that he can only assign new users the permissions associated with the 'Subcontractor - External' template.


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