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What is a permission template?


In Procore, a permission template is a set of role-based permissions that can be assigned to one (1) or more Procore users on a project (e.g., Architect/Engineer, Project Manager, Subcontractor, etc.). The permission settings in a template define which Procore tools users can gain access to, as well as what information users can edit or see in each tool. Managing user access to Procore with permission templates is a simpler alternative to managing unique access permissions for each individual user. See also company permission template and project permission template

In Procore, there are two (2) types of permission templates: company permission templates and project permission templates. Both template types can be added and edited in Procore's Company level Directory tool to fit additional roles in your environment (such as Accounting, Document Control, Project Engineer, etc). Every Procore user can be assigned to one (1) company or project permission template per project (for example, users can be assigned to the same role-based permission template on all projects or to a different role-based permission template for each project).

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