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What do the different icons on my files mean in Procore Sync?


You are viewing files that have been downloaded from your project(s) using Procore Sync, and notice an icon on each file.


Each file synced through Procore Sync will have an icon to indicate its status. This allows you to confirm which files are synced to your computer and in Procore, and which files (if any) need to be synced again. The following status icons might be seen on files in your file explorer:

icon-procore-sync-synced-check.png  Green checkmark: Files are synced and up-to-date.

icon-procore-sync-syncing-arrows.png  Blue arrows: File syncing is in progress. 

icon-procore-sync-error-syncing.png  Red exclamation point: There was an error and the file is not synced.

icon-procore-sync-unknown.png  Gray dash: Unknown status. This will occur if Procore Sync is not running in the background.

Note: The image below is an example of how files appear in a computer's file explorer after being synced successfully. 


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