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What are the new Payment Application and Requisition Enhancements?

Payment Applications

PCCO Improvements

Note: These changes will not apply to projects with PCCOs already added to the Payment Applications. These changes will be rolled out in phases for projects using custom forms (See What is the roll out plan for the Payment Application improvements for projects with custom forms?). To learn how to configure this setting, see Edit Advanced Settings Subtab in Prime Contract.

  • Bill for each PCCO by line item
    • Improve cost code level reporting for Payment Applications with change orders.
    • Allow Payment Application amounts to be added to the Budget.

  • Display PCCOs on your Pay App based on your preference
    • Create a configurable level of detail to present your PCCOs to your client on the PDF.
    • If you want to continue to present PCCOs to your client as a single line item per PCCO on the PDF, you can select that option.

Billing Subtab Upgrades

  • Improved loading times.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Added a search box that allows partial search of any field in the table


Send Invites Button Relocation

  • The Send Invites button has moved from the right sidebar to the top left of the table. This is a more convenient location above the checkboxes that you'll be selecting to enable the button.