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What are the new features for Quality and Safety?

New Features for Quality and Safety!

New Location QR Code Export Format Options

When exporting QR codes, ‘Admin’ level users now have the option to print one (1) or thirty (30) QR codes per page. The option to export 30 QR codes per page is compatible with Avery 6460 label sheet! 

New Granular Permissions for Punch List

Company level ‘Admin’ users can grant granular permissions on the Punch List tool! Users given granular permissions can now View Private Punch Items Assigned to Users Within Same Company, and Respond to Punch Items Assigned to Users Within Same Company, which includes responding to punch items marked as 'Private'. This feature helps make punch list items easier for collaborators to collaborate on.

New Root Cause Analysis Fields

Team members can now select from a default or custom (see below) list of hazards, contributing conditions, and contributing behaviors when creating observations and incidents in Procore.

New Configure Settings for Root Cause Analysis Fields

Company level ‘Admin’ users can now add custom ‘Hazard,’ ‘Contributing Condition,’ and ‘Contributing Behavior’ fields to Observations and Incidents. This feature allows users to configure values that are consistent with their internal policies and procedures or to be compliant with applicable regulatory requirements. Team members can then view and select these customizable fields when creating an observation or incident.