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What are the different 'user roles' in Esticom?


When inviting or managing users in Esticom, there is a Role that can be selected for each user. See the table below for descriptions of each user role. 


User Roles in Esticom 

Note: The Esticom user roles below are listed from highest level to lowest level permissions.

User Role Description
Owner A user with the 'Owner' role is generally the person who owns the Esticom license. They have unrestricted access for the Esticom account. 
Administrator Users with the 'Administrator' role have all permissions except to modify billing info or purchase the license.
Manager Users with the 'Manager' role can view all projects and reassign users to these projects. They cannot access Company Settings in the Esticom account.
Estimator Users with the 'Estimator' role can view all projects. They can also assign projects to other users.
Limited Estimator Users with the 'Limited Estimator' role can only view projects assigned to them, and can reassign projects to other users. They are restricted from editing catalogs.
Sales Users with the 'Sales' role can open all projects in Read Only mode, change Project Details (usually assigns to estimator), and export bids and send to customers. They cannot make changes in Takeoff and Estimating.
Field Personnel Users with the 'Field Personnel' role can add notes/tasks to a project or takeoff.