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What are the default project permissions templates in Procore?


Role-Based Permissions (RBP) define what actions users can perform and what information they can view in each Procore tool. In Procore, RBP is comprised of these concepts: (1) Roles and (2) Permission Templates. Roles are a set of access permissions that can be granted to a group of users by creating a permission template for a specific role or team (such as Accounting, Document Control, or Project Engineer) and then assigning users to the permission template.

In Procore, a permission template is a set of role-based permissions that can be assigned to one or more Procore users. The permission settings in a template define what actions users can perform and what information they can view in each Procore tool. Managing user access to Procore with permission templates is a simpler alternative to managing unique access permissions for each individual user.

Depending upon the nature of your business as a Procore client (e.g., are you doing business as an architecture firm? as a general contractor? as a project owner/client? or as a subcontractor?), the Procore web application will be set up with a different set of default permission templates for each 'client type'. 

The table below details Procore's four (4) client types and its corresponding list of default permission templates. 

If your Procore client type is… These are the default permission templates for your Procore account…
Architect Architect/Engineer - Internal
Consultant - External
General Contractor - External
General Contractor - Superintendent
Owner/Client - External
Subcontractor/Vendor - External
General Contractor Architect/Engineer - External
Owner/Client - External
Project Manager - Internal
Subcontractor - External
Owner/Client Architects/Engineers - External
Foreman/Superintendent - External
Project Manager - Internal
Project Manager - External
Subcontractor/Vendor - External
Subcontractor Architects/Engineers - External
Foreman/Superintendent - Internal
GC - External
Project Manager - Internal
Subcontractor/Vendor - External

Note: Templates are named 'Internal' to indicate that they are employees of your company. 'External' indicates that the permission sets associated with that role are typically assigned to Procore users who are NOT your company's employees. 

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