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What are the default Change Order Request (COR) statuses in Procore?


This table details Procore's default statuses for a Change Order Request (COR) created with the Project level Commitments tool or the Project level Prime Contracts tool. Assuming you are using the Procore Standard Budget View, it also shows when contract amounts are reflected in the project's Budget tool.  

Status Definition Contract Amount is reflected in these columns in the Procore Standard Budget View
Approved The COR has been 'Approved.' Approved Changes
Draft 1 The COR is in the 'Draft' state. 
Pending - In Review The COR is currently being reviewed by an approved Pending Changes
Pending - Revised The COR was modified since its initial submission. Pending Changes
Pending - Pricing The COR is currently out for pricing.  Pending Changes
Pending - Not Pricing The COR is pending and not actively being priced.  Pending Changes
Pending - Proceeding The COR is pending and work is proceeding.  Pending Changes
Pending - Not Proceeding The COR is pending and no work is taking place.  Pending Changes
Rejected The COR was rejected. 
No Charge The COR is being performed at no charge.

1 This is the default status for a new COR