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Should I enable the Change Events tool on my existing project?

If you are going to turn on change events for a project in which you have already created change orders, please be aware of the following:

  • In order to maintain the integrity of your financial data, the Change Events tool cannot be disabled once it has been enabled.
  • A Project Admin can enable the Change Events tool on a project that does not have any change orders created yet. 
  • If the project does have change orders created, you will need to reach out to your Procore Customer Success Manager to migrate your existing change orders to the Change Events tool.
Running the migration script will do the following:
  • A Change Event will be created for every Potential Change Order listed on the Prime Contract tool.
  • If a Commitment Change Order is linked to only one potential change order, it will be included in the Change Event.
  • If a Commitment Change Order is linked to multiple Potential Change Orders – or no Potential Change Orders – it will get its own Change Event.
Things to be aware of:

The script is better suited for clients using two-tiers for their Prime Contract Change Orders. Clients using three-tiers will most likely not want to use Change Events for their project as those clients will essentially have to manage 4-tiers for all changes. i.e. 3 Prime Contract Tiers (PCCO, COR & PCO + Change Events

Enabling Change Events:

If, after reading the article above, you would like to activate the tool on your existing project(s), we highly recommend making the following changes first:

  1. Update your default permission templates.
    •  In order to send RFQs to a subcontractor, you will need to give them 'Standard' permissions on the Commitments tool.
    •  If you want your Superintendent to be able to create Change Events, you will want to give them 'Standard' permissions on the Change Events tool.
    • Project managers and potentially project engineers should be given 'Admin' permission on the Change Events tool.
  2. Enable the tool on your standard project template so it is on by default for all new projects. See Enable the Change Events Tool.
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