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How do I resolve a "Sync Failed" error on a project in Procore Sync?

The Procore Sync application will be discontinued on September 30, 2022, after which you will no longer be able to use this application. We will continue to support the application until that date. For additional information, please refer to Procore Sync: End of Support for the Procore Sync Application or reach out to your Procore point of contact for more information.


You are attempting to update the Procore Sync application on your computer from a 1.x version to Procore Sync version 2.0. After your attempt, you are faced with a "Sync Failed" error.

Things to Consider

Procore requires the file path,

C:/ <user profile> /Procore 
(e.g. C:/JohnDoe/Procore) 

to be empty before syncing. We recommend verifying that all recently updated files or changes on your PC were properly updated with Procore by looking at those changes in the Documents tool on to prevent potential data loss.

To fix this error you will be required to unsync your project first and then sync the project again.


  1. Open Procore Sync from the system tray on your computer. See What is a system tray?
  2. Navigate to the Projects tab.
  3. Click the Actions dropdown for the project experiencing this error.
  4. Select Remove Project from the dropdown list.
    Note: You will see a data deletion warning.
    • It is recommended to select the "Backup files, then remove" option before proceeding.
  5. Once completed, complete the steps in Sync Multiple Projects in Procore Sync.

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