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How do I make a report that compares budget snapshots?


With custom reporting, you can compare and report on multiple factors in budget snapshots.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's Report tool.


  1. Navigate to the Reports tool.
  2. Click + Create Custom Report.
  3. Enter a Title and Description (optional).
  4. Select the Financial Line Items drop-down and select Configurable Budget Snapshots.

  5. Drag the following columns into your report:
    • Budget View
    • Budget Snapshot and/or Date
    • Cost Code
    • Cost Type
    • Budget Snapshot Description (Optional)
    • Sub Jobs (if your project is using sub jobs).
  6. Bring in any other columns you want to use to compare snapshots. For example, if you want to compare Projected Over Under, you can drag that column in. Or, if you want to compare Revised Budget, drag that column in. 
  7. Click the Filter drop-down and select Budget View.
  8. Select the Group filter and group by Budget Snapshot Name or Date.
  9. Click Create Report.
    Note: You could create multiple tabs within the same report to compare different columns from different views. For example, one tab could use the Procore Standard Budget view and compare the Projected Over/Under column and second tab could use the Buyout Savings view and compare the Buyout Savings column.