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How can I make sure my employees that are listed in Procore are automatically recognized in Esticom?


When a user is registering in Esticom, the system will recognize a Procore Company ID and look for an existing Esticom company based on that ID. If there is a match, the system checks to see if the user has the 'Is Employee' setting marked on their account in the given Procore company. If so, the system automatically adds the user to the existing Esticom company. If there is not a match, the system assumes that the user is another specialty contractor.


As an Admin for your company, you can make sure your employees are recognized in Esticom by marking them as employees in Procore's Directory tool. You can do this by marking the checkbox next to Is Employee Of [Your company]? when editing a user's account. See How do I add someone as an employee of my company?  for the complete steps.


Note: You will need 'Admin' permissions on the Directory tool in Procore to be able to add someone as an employee of your company.