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How are commitments numbered in Procore?


When you create a commitment (for example, a purchase order or subcontract) in Procore, the system automatically assigns it a commitment number by default. However, any user with access permission to create commitments can change the numbering scheme. Change affect the current and any subsequent commitments. 

  • Using the Default Numbering Scheme on projects using the Procore Standard Cost Code List
    By default, Procore's default numbering scheme identifies commitments using these abbreviations: Purchase Order (PO) and Subcontract (SC). If the Procore project has been assigned a project number, the number is also included after the abbreviation. The system then assigns numbers sequentially for each commitment type using a three-digit format. Examples showing how commitments are numbered by default are below:
    • PO-[Procore Project Number]-001PO-[Procore Project Number]-002, and so on.
    • SC-[Procore Project Number]-001SC-[Procore Project Number]-002, and so on.
  • Using the Default Numbering Scheme for ERP-Integrated Projects
    By default, companies that have enabled the ERP Integrations tool use a similar numbering scheme. However, the Procore Project Number is omitted when projects do NOT use the Standard Cost Code list. Examples showing how commitments are numbered by default are below:
    • PO-001PO-002, and so on.
    • SC-001SC-002, and so on.
  • Customizing the Numbering Scheme
    Users can customize the numbering scheme at any time when creating a new commitment. Simply type over the default value in the Number (#) field with the format you want to use. After you click Create, all subsequent commitments will use your new numbering scheme. 

    • If you decide to make a change to your project's commitment numbering scheme, remember to inform any teammates who may also be creating commitments in your project. This will ensure that the next commitment they create in the system is using the expected numbering scheme. 
    • If your company has enabled the ERP Integrations tool, keep these best practices in mind:
      • Ensure that your commitment numbering scheme does NOT exceed the maximum character limits of the integrated ERP system. See What is the maximum character length for a commitment's 'Number (#)'?
      • Set up a customized numbering scheme when creating your first purchase order and first subcontract in Procore. 
      • Avoid renumbering your commitments after the two systems have initially synced. 
      • Avoid switching to a customized numbering scheme after the two systems have initially synced. 

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