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Does a user need to log in to answer an RFI?

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No. When a user creates an Request for Information (RFI) on a project (see Create an RFI), the person designated as the 'Assignee' on that RFI becomes the Ball In Court (BIC) person and is responsible for submitting a response to the RFI. In addition, the system sends the a "New RFI' notification message. Instead of logging in to Procore and entering a response, the BIC can simply reply to the 'New RFI' message.

The easiest way to respond to an RFI is to simply reply to the email with your response/answer. Sending a response is no different than replying to any other email you receive. 


  1. From your email client, reply to the email and enter your response into the body of the email message.
  2. Click Send. (Note: Procore will automatically log the response and any attachments as a response in Procore.)
    • If your email client has a customized format, it will NOT maintain its form in Procore.
    • The system saves a copy of the response in the project's RFIs tool.
    • The system sends an email notifying the RFI Creator, RFI Manager, and members of the Distribution list that the person has submitted a response to the RFI.

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