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Can I customize the RFI numbering scheme on a Procore project?


Yes. For project's that require a unique RFI numbering system (see How does Procore assign numbers to RFIs?), a user with 'Admin' level permission can customize the numbering system for the RFIs tool as described in the Steps below. Although the numbering scheme can be changed at any time on a project, for best results, it is recommend that you always customize the numbering scheme for the project's RFIs tool when you create the first RFI for the project. 


Consistent Number Length

0001, 00002, 0003, and so on

Consistent Number Length with No Leading Zeros

1001, 1002, 1003, and so on.

Letters Followed by Numbers

RFI1001, RFI1002, RFI1003, and so on.

Letters Followed by Numbers Using Hyphens as Delimiters

RFI-1001, RFI-1002, RFI-1003, and so on. 


  1. Log in to Procore using an account with 'Admin' level permission to the project's RFIs tool.
  2. Navigate to the project's RFIs tool. 
    This reveals the RFIs page. 
  3. Click Create RFI
    This opens the New RFI page.
  4. In the Number field, type the desired start number in the custom sequence. 
    • For consistent number lengths, t​​​​​ype: 0001
    • For consistent number lengths with no leading zeros, type: 1001
    • For letters followed by numbers, type: RFI1001
    • For letters followed by numbers using hyphens as delimiters, type: RFI-1001
      Note: Duplicate RFI numbers are allowed, but not recommended. If you attempt to create a duplicate RFI number, a message will alert you of the next available number in the sequence.
  5. Continue to create the RFI as described in Create an RFI.
    The next time you create an RFI, it will use your custom format to assign the next number to an RFI. 
    Note: Users with 'Standard' level permission on the RFIs tool are only permitted to create 'Draft' RFIs, so Procore will not be assigned a number to a user's 'Draft' RFI until it is saved in the 'Open' status. 

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