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Can custom forms be created in Procore?

Is it possible to create a custom form in Procore?


What is a custom form?

A custom form is a client-specified output for Procore data using either pre-existing data or data added in a custom tool.

How are custom forms created?

Customers cannot create their own custom forms. However, Procore has a dedicated team that specializes in the development of custom forms. Contact your Procore point of contact to request the development of a custom form.

What type of information can be customized?

Each form can contain custom fields for entering data. Custom fields will also be displayed when PDFs are generated in Procore. 

  • For example:
    • Add stamps to submittals that can mark a checkbox next to a corresponding status
    • Add logos and legal text to documents
    • Manipulate margins, layouts, and text sizes of PDFs
    • and more!

Procore can also create custom tools, which appear as Project level tabs alongside the base tools (e.g. Submittals, RFIs, etc.) in the top navigational bar.

  • For example:
    • Add tools with custom items and fields that better suit your needs
    • Specify a "signature" on forms when specific conditions are met (e.g. a change order's status is "approved")
    • and more!

If you would like to request a custom tool, please contact your Procore point of contact.

What type of information cannot be customized?

  • Procore cannot do any of the following:
    • Pull data from one tab for use in another
    • Perform additional mathematical calculations on the form (e.g. add 1% tax to pay apps)
    • Implement third-party software (e.g. DocuSign)