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Define a Procore Rollout Strategy


During the Rollout phase of your Procore Implementation, your internal implementation/training team should get together to discuss how you're going to successfully rollout Procore going forward.

Things to Consider

To help define your Procore rollout strategy, you should take the following items into consideration.

  • Who are members of your internal Procore Committee?
    It's important to identify the few individuals who will become the in-house Procore experts within your organization. They will serve as a valuable training/support resource, as well as provide insightful guidance when defining your company's best practices.
  • How will you successfully onboard new members and train them on how to properly use Procore? 
    When new employees are hired, how can you best streamline their onboarding process to ensure that they will be properly trained on how to use Procore YOUR way. Below is a list of resources that you can use to train both internal and external collaborators.
  • What are your Procore best practices?
    It's important to document your company-specific procedures in order to encourage consistent usage of Procore by all key stakeholders.
  • Which projects will use Procore?
    For example, maybe you want all new projects to be managed in Procore. Typically, if a project has already started and is currently being managed with your previous construction management solution, it's not recommended to switch to Procore mid-project. However, if you do wish to switch mid-project, you should first discuss it with your Implementation Manager.

Procore Roll Out Plan

Below are the most common Procore rollout strategies for our clients. Regardless of which strategy is chosen, we recommend starting with project teams that are excited to adopt a new system for managing their projects. Getting early buy-in from your project teams is integral for achieving company-wide adoption. Regardless of the chosen rollout strategy, it's important to identify the key person(s) who will serve as your internal Procore Implementation Manager for each office, division, or business unit. Please work closely with your Procore Implementation Manager for insight and guidance during this critical stage of the implementation process.

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