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Configure Settings: Procore Android App

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To access and configure settings on an Android device.


  1. Tap Settings (2018-04-06_16-20-09.png) in the Procore toolbar. 

Networking and Storage

To set your networking and storage preferences, choose from the following options:

  • Uploads Queue: Tap to view all your pending uploads to the project.
  • Upload on WiFi Only: To Tap the toggle to 'ON' next to Upload on WiFi only.
  • To save photos and videos to Procore's gallery, tap the toggle to 'ON'.

Manage Storage

  1. Tap Manage Storage. 
    This reveals an overview of your Procore app's current data usage.
    Note: See also  How do I manage the storage the Procore mobile app is using on my device
  2. To manage your data by tool, tap Delete (2018-04-06_16-29-03.png) next to the desired tool.

  3. To clear all cached Procore data from your device, tap Clear All Local Data.


To set your sync preferences, choose from the following options:

  • Sync on WiFi only: To only sync items in Procore when your device is connected to WiFi, tap the toggle to 'ON.'
  • Sync only when device is charging: To only sync items in Procore when your device is charging, tap the toggle to 'ON.'
  • Tap to Sync Permissions: Tap 'Sync Permissions' to apply any changes you made to user's permissions in the project.


To receive alerts when new drawings are published, tap the toggle to 'ON.' See Enable Push Notifications for Drawings (iOS).

Support and Feedback

Tap one of the options below to access more support and provide feedback.

  • User Guides: Tap to view tutorials, and FAQs on Procore's support site.
  • Report an Issue: Tap to report an issue with Procore's app for Android. 
  • Rate the App: Tap to rate the Procore app for Android.


Tap Privacy Policy to access a webpage containing Procore's Privacy Policy.


  1. Tap Logout to log out of Procore's mobile app.


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