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Review Schedule Change Requests


To review a requested change to the project's schedule in Procore's Schedule tool.


  1. Enable schedule notifications. See Configure Schedule Notification Emails.
  2. Change or do not change the scheduled task in MS Project, Primavera P6, or your integrated schedule software.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's Schedule tool. 
  • When you approve a schedule change request, it will not update the schedule with these changes. You will need to change the schedule in the integrated schedule software.


When a schedule change is requested of a task, you will receive an email from Procore notifying you of this change. From that email, view the details, make any changes to the schedule, and click View Online to review the change request. Skip to step 5 if you're navigating to the change request from the email.

  1. If you are integrating a Microsoft Project or Primavera schedule with Procore, go into that software and make the changes requested. 
  2. Navigate to the project's Schedule tool.
  3. On the list page, click Review Pending Schedule Change Requests under the Schedule Integration section.

  4. Next to the schedule change request, mark the request as Task Updated or Request Rejected in accordance with the actions you took prior to reviewing this change.
  5. Add any reasons or notes clarifying the change or rejection.

  6. Click Save
    Note: When the change is approved, it will appear as "Approved" in the Schedule Change Request History section of the scheduled task.


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