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Share a Custom RFI Report


To email a custom RFI report from the RFIs tab.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read-only' and above permissions on the Reports an 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permissions on the RFIs tab.
  • You can only share custom RFI reports that you or someone in the company have created. You cannot, for example, share the "Questions and Responses Report" because it is a Procore default report.
  • You can share a report with anyone in the project level Directory regardless of whether they have access to the RFIs/Reports tabs or not.
  • Users you have shared the report with will not be required to log in to Procore to access and download the report from the email. They will simply click the download link to download it directly to their computer.


  1. Navigate to the Project level RFIs tab.
  2. Create/View a Custom RFI Report or click on the custom RFI report you wish to share from the "RFI Reports" section.
  3. Click Share Report in the top right of the report.
  4. Fill in the information to configure the email.

    • To: Add contacts from the project level to share this report with.
    • Format: Select the file type of the report. You can choose from PDF or CSV. (Note: You can only select one file type.)
    • Subject: Edit the subject of the email. The default format of the subject appears in the image above.
    • Body: Edit the body text of the email. The default format of the body text appears in the image above.
  5. When you are done, click Share Report. (Note: This will send an email to the contacts in the "To" field that contains a download link of the report in the format you selected.)

    rfi custom report emails.png

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