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Create an RFI (iOS)


To create an RFI from an iOS device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permission on the project's RFIs tool.
      • A user with 'Read-only' level permission cannot create RFIs. In such cases, a user with 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permissions can create an RFI for the 'Read-only' user and add that user to the RFIs Distribution list to receive email notifications about the updates and responses to the RFI.
      • Some project teams choose to enable the 'Standard Users Can Only Create Draft RFIs' setting. See Configure Advanced Settings: RFIs. This permits users with 'Standard' level permission to create RFIs. However, it also requires that an 'Admin' user change the RFIs status from Draft to Open before Procore emails a notification about the RFI to the Assigned To person and members of the Distribution list. 
      • A user with 'Standard' level permission can create RFIs that are visible to the creator and any user with 'Read-only' access and above on the RFIs tool. This is the default configuration setting. (Note: A user with 'Standard' level permission to the RFIs tool can only select users with 'Admin' level permission from the Assigned To list).
      • A user with 'Admin' level permission can create RFIs in the Draft or Open status. They can also change and RFIs status to Closed. They can also change the tool's configuration settings to permit 'Standard' users to create RFIs.
  • Additional Information:​
    • When an RFI is created, Procore automatically sends an email notification to the 'Assigned To' person and any members added to the 'Distribution' list. The assignee can reply to the RFI from the email they received. Those emails will appear under the RFI question in the 'All Replies' section.
  • Mobile:
    • Supported on Procore's iOS and Android applications.
  • Limitations:
    • An RFI can be assigned to one (1) person who is designated in the RFI's 'Assigned To' field. The assignee is considered the Ball In Court person and is responsible for providing an official response to the RFI.


  1. Tap RFI from the tools menu in the left navigation.
  2. Tap the + button in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Fill out the following fields:
    Note: Be sure to tap Save or Update after choosing a selection for fields with selectable options.
    • Subject: Provide a descriptive title for the RFI. The RFI's subject is displayed as the RFI's title in the list view. 
    • Due DateTap the calendar icon to select a date that the task should be completed by.
    • Draft: Use this checkbox to place an RFI in "Draft" mode, so that you can make changes to it at a later time before it becomes visible and distributed to the assignee and members of the distribution group list. 
      • Unchecked (Default): Upon creation, the assignee and members of the distribution group will receive an email notification from Procore with a link to the RFI and all related information. (Note: The assignee will be listed as "Ball in Court" for the RFI.)
      • Checked: The RFI will only be visible to the person who created the RFI and to users with 'Admin' permissions on the RFI tool. 
    • Schedule Impact: Specify whether or not you think this RFI might impact the current project schedule. 
    • Cost impact: Choose whether this RFI might impact the project's total cost. If you know the approximate cost impact, you can add an estimated cost. You may also choose 'Yes (Unknown)' or 'TBD' and add the cost impact at a later time.
    • AssigneeSelect the project manager or related contact who is primarily responsible for responding to the RFI with an answer to your question. You may only assign the RFI to one person. However, you can make the RFI viewable to other users by adding them to the RFI's distribution list. Users on the distribution list will receive email notifications whenever an RFI is updated or responded to by other users via email or directly within Procore. (Any 'Standard' or 'Admin' user can respond to an RFI.)
    • DistributionAdd other relevant users to the RFI's distribution list. Each person on the distribution list can respond via email to the RFI regardless of his or her user permissions on the RFIs tab. Only users with 'Admin' or 'Standard' permissions on the RFIs tab can respond within Procore.
    • QuestionEnter your question and any additional background information that may be needed to properly answer the question.


  4. Tap Create RFI.

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