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Prime Contract

The following table highlights which user permissions are required to perform the described user action.

Task None Read-only Standard Admin
Approve a Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Configure Advanced Settings: Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Create a CCO From a PCO       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Create Change Order Request       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Create Payment       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Create Payment Application       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Create a Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png
*Create a Potential Change Order     icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Create Prime Contract Change Order       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Create Schedule of Values (SOV) from the Budget       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Delete Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Edit a CCO Linked to a PCO       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Edit a Payment Application       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Edit a Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Edit Advanced Settings Subtab in Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Email a Payment Application       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Email a Potential Change Order (PCO)       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Email Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Export a Prime Contract to DOCX       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Export a Prime Contract to PDF   icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Filter Prime Contract Change Orders     icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
Import a Prime Contract CSV       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Import a ProEst Estimate for the Prime Contract SOV       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Remove a Potential Change Order or Change Order Request       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Remove a Prime Contract Change Order       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Set or Release Retainage For All Line Items For a Payment Application       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Set Up a Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png
**View Prime Contract   icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png icon_checkmark_h17.png
View the Change History of a Prime Contract       icon_checkmark_h17.png

* Standard level users can only create a PCO if the "Allow Standard Level Users to Create PCOs" checkbox is selected in the Prime Contract configuration settings. For more information, see Configure Advanced Settings: Prime Contract

**Read-Only and Standard level users can only view the Prime Contract if they are added to the drop-down in the "Private" field of the Prime Contract.

Job Role

The following table highlights which user permissions are typically granted to a user based on their job role on a project. A user's permissions for a specific tool are granted on a per project basis. To learn how to create permission templates that you can apply to groups of users based on their job role, see Manage Permission Templates.

Job Role None Read-only Standard Admin
Architect icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Company Administrator       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Engineer icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Owner / Construction Manager   icon_checkmark_h17.png    
Project Manager       icon_checkmark_h17.png
Subcontractor icon_checkmark_h17.png      
Superintendent icon_checkmark_h17.png      
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