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New Photos Interface

Procore's Photos tool has a new, modern look! 

New Features

  1. Performance: Browsing and uploading photos is much faster now,
  2. Timeline view: Photos are automatically grouped into daily, weekly, or monthly groups based on the date they were taken (if available) and if not then by date created (uploaded). This was implemented in response to feedback Procore has received to make the Photos tool resemble the Construction Schedule.
  3. Zoom: Users can use the photo viewer to zoom and pan to see a specific area of a photo up close.
  4. New filters: You can now filter by multiple values. For example, see all photos on the first and second floor. You can also filter the recycle bin to quickly recover deleted photos.
  5. Export or download selected photos to PDF: In addition to exporting all photos in an album to PDF, you can choose some of the photos to be exported or downloaded as a zipped folder.
  6. Reorder albums across pages: You can now move albums between pages to more easily organize them.

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