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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Observations tool. 

Recent Changes

Updated The Ready For Review Banner on the Observations Create Page (4/14/2017)

Updated the ready for review banner on the observations create page from "This Observation is Ready For Review by an Administrator" to now read as "This Observation is Ready for Review by [Creator of observation] or an Administrator."

Added Spec Section Drop Down to Observations Tool (4/7/2017)

Added a 'Sec Section' drop-down list to Observations. When an observation is created from an inspection with a spec section, the spec section field on the observations will be auto-populated with the same spec section.

Moved Delete Button On Observations Show Page (4/5/2017)

Moved the Delete button so it is now below the Email button on the Observations show page.

Added Inspections and Observations to the Assignment Report (2/3/2017)

Added inspections and observations to the Assignment Report. 

Updated Message When Observations List Empty (1/26/2017)

Updated the message text that appeared in the Observations tool (when the list is empty) so it now reads, "Track and resolve quality and safety items throughout the lifecycle of the project."

Observation Types Settings Page Hidden When Observations Tool Is Inactive (1/6/2017)

The system will now hide the 'Observation Types Configuration' link under the 'Administrative Settings' menu of the Company level Admin tool when the Observations tool is not an active tab on any of your company's projects. 

All Changes


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