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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Meetings tool. 

Recent Changes


Added Previous Meeting Minutes To Follow Up Meetings In Agenda Mode (3/7/2017)

Updated the Meetings tool to add "Previous Meeting Minutes" to follow up meetings that are in Agenda mode. Previously, the only way for users to see previous meeting minutes was to convert their meeting to Minutes mode, then add minutes, then copy the minutes from the previous meeting. Now, users can see the meeting minutes from the most recent meeting before entering minutes mode.

Meeting Category Drop-Down Now Alphabetized (3/1/2017)

Updated the 'Add a Meeting' item window to alphabetize the options in the Category drop-down list. This makes it easier to find and assign new items to a meeting category. See Add a Meeting Item

Changed 'Business Item' to 'Meeting Item' (2/7/2017)

Updated the Meetings tool to change the title of a window that appears when a user clicks the "Add Item" button. The title has changed from "Add a Business item" to "Add a Meeting Item". See Add a Meeting Item.

Improved Button Spacing Between Cancel and Save (2/3/2017)

Added some additional space for padding between the Cancel and Save buttons in the Meeting Overview's inline editor for the Meetings list.

Updated 'Meeting Name' Behavior In Meetings Tool (2/1/2017)

Updated the Meetings tool to fix a user-reported issue where a Meeting Name was changed. The new name displayed as expected in the 'Meeting Agendas/Minutes' page, but the former name would appear when in View mode. Now, users must change a Meeting Name in edit mode and the Meeting Group header will reflect the most recent Meeting Name as expected. Note that the Meeting Group header can no longer be edited inline.

Added Collapse/Expand To Meetings List Page (1/18/2017)

Updated the Meetings tool to add collapse/expand. Now, meetings that occur prior to the current day (i.e., today) will be collapsed by default on the Meetings list page. See View a Meeting.

All Changes

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