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Upload Drawing Revisions

(Note: These instructions are an abbreviated version of those in Upload Drawings. This is because, when you upload drawing revisions to Procore, Procore will recognize the drawing number as a duplicate of one you've already uploaded and mark it as a revision of the existing drawing. The drawing revision will automatically appear under the Revision History of the existing drawing.)


To upload revisions of existing drawings to Procore's Drawings tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' on the project's Drawings tool.
  • You can only upload drawings that are saved as PDFs. (e.g. drawing.pdf)
  • If you previously added markups to an existing drawing in Procore and then upload a newer revision of that same drawing, the existing markups on the previous revision will be preserved and inherited by the new drawing. You should automatically see all of the same personal and published markups on top of the new revision. However, if you add markups to the old revision after a newer revision is uploaded, it will not push the markups to the new revision. 
    • Please note that sketches will not carry over to a new revision upon uploading.


  1. Navigate to your project's Drawings tool.
  2. Click on the Upload Drawings button on the left side of the window as if you were uploading an original drawing.
  3. A pop-up window will display with the following options:

    • Files Attach your latest drawing revisions from your computer by clicking Attach file(s) or by dragging and dropping to the grey box. Select one or more single or multi-page drawing PDF(s). If you select a multi-page PDF, Procore will automatically split the PDFs into its individual drawing sheet upon upload.
    • Set: Create a new set for your revised drawings.
    • Set Date: Choose a date for the set (e.g. today's date -- when the set was made).
    • You also have the option to enter a Default Drawing Date and Received Date. These are useful if you wish to track more granular data about your individual drawings, or if certain drawings were issued on a different day than the rest of the set.
      • (Optional) Default Drawing Date: Choose the date the drawing was uploaded (e.g. today's date).
      • (Optional) Default Received Date: Choose the date the drawing was received.
  4. Click Upload PDF.
  5. After the files have been uploaded to our database, click Click Here to Review and Publish. If the drawing numbers are the same, Procore will automatically recognize with OCR the Drawing number, title, and discipline.

    If the drawing has the same number as a drawing in the same area, it will fill in the rest of the information including the next revision number (in sequence with the lastly uploaded revision with that number).
  6. Click Publish after updating each individual drawing, or select some or all of the drawings (by clicking the Select all on page) using the checkboxes to the right and select Publish Selected to publish multiple at once.

  7. Click All in the top right pane to see your revisions in the Drawing Log page with the appropriate revisions.
  8. To compare revisions, see Compare Drawing Revisions.
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