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Manage Drawing Log


Manage your drawings from your Drawings Log page.

Drawings Log Overview



This view gives you a spreadsheet-like view of your drawings by clicking List, or you can view thumbnails of your drawings in the same organization by clicking Thumbnail


Drawing Log Options

  • To edit or view your drawings in a new window, click Edit or Info to the left of each drawing.
  • Across the top of the table are headings denoting the Drawing #, Drawing Title, the Revision #, the Drawing Date, and the sets (with the set dates) which your drawings are in. 
  • The gray headings organize your drawings into disciplines.
  • The linked numbers to the right of the drawing titles show how many revisions each drawing has. You can view the drawing details by clicking on the number.
  • Click the icon.png button to download individual drawings.
  • Mark the checkbox next to drawings to activate the orange buttons in the right pane.



Export and Subscribe

  • You can get all of this information as a CSV or PDF file by clicking the CSV or PDF button next to 'Export data as:'
  • Mark the checkbox next to Subscribe to get email notifications about new uploads to the drawing log.

Search for Drawings

You may search for your drawing's title, number, or related key words in the title by typing in the 'Search for drawings' search box. 

Filter Drawings by...

  • On your right pane, you can manage and filter the drawings in the log page.
  • To only view drawings in one set at a time, click the link of the set under the Filter Drawings by Set.
  • To only view the most recent version of each drawing across all sets, click the 'Current' filter. 
  • You may filter the drawings by discipline by choosing one of your disciplines from the drop-down menu under the 'Filter Drawings by' and 'Discipline'.

Configure Settings

  • You may configure your drawing log settings by clicking on Configure drawing log settings. Configuring these settings will allow you to change how many drawings are on each page of your log. For more information on the drawing log settings, see Configure Advanced Settings: Drawings


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