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Edit Drawing Markups

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To edit previously published drawing markups.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the project's Drawings tool.
  • You can edit markups on both your personal and your team's published layer. Add changes made to personal or published markups will automatically be updated on the drawing on the related layer.
  • 'Admin' users can edit all published markups and their personal layers. 'Standard' users can only edit personal and published markups that they've created.
  • Published markups can be deleted by users with ‘Admin’ permissions on the Drawings tool unless granted specific permissions to delete published markups.


  1. Navigate to your project's Drawings tool.
  2. Click Open in the drawing log next to the drawing you're going to mark up. 
  3. Click the Markup icon in the upper right of the page. 

    markup in the toolbar.png
  4. Markup your drawing or select a markup that you wish to edit.
    Note: See Mark Up a Drawing.
    Tip! Multi-Select markups (Select each markup you want to edit while holding shift) to edit multiple markups at once. All selected markups will become editable until they are republished.
  5. After selecting a markup with the select tool, you can perform the following actions.
    • Resize the item by dragging the corners of the markup to the desired size and shape.
    • Link additional items by clicking Link (this option is only available on items to which you can add linked items).
    • Delete the markup by clicking the trash icon.
    • Move the item to a different location by dragging the item to the desired location.

      edit published markups.png
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