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Delete Drawing Markups

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To remove a public or personal markup from a drawing.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: Personal markups can be removed by users with 'Standard' permissions level. Published markups require 'Admin' permission
  • Mobile: Supported on iOS and Android devices


  1. Navigate to your project's Drawings tool.
  2. Click Open in the drawing log next to the drawing you're going to mark up. 
  3. Click the Markup icon in the upper right of the page. 


    Note: You can also click Info in the drawing log next to the drawing you would like to add an item to, then click Open in Viewer / Markup in the right pane.
  4. Select the hand tool from the markup toolbar. (Note: See Use the Drawings Markup Toolbar for more information on each of these tools.)
  5. Select the eye icon next to the layer your markup object is in (Note: see above user permissions for which users can delete objects from each layer. For information on the difference between two layers, see What is the difference between published and personal markups?)
  6. Navigate to and click the markup that you wish to delete.

  7. Above the markup object, there will be a trash can icon in the top right side. Click the trash can icon to delete the markup.
    (Note: To delete individual photos from a photo markup, click the photo and click the trash can icon in the bottom right of the photo view page.)
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