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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Drawings tool. 

Recent Changes

Added Fullscreen Drawing Links In Email Forwards (3/14/2017)

Added links to view drawings in the fullscreen viewer in emails forwarded from the Drawings tool (to match UX in subscription email).

Download Single Drawing w/o Zipping From Drawings Tool (3/14/2017)

This updates downloads from the Drawing Log page. When a single drawing without sketches and markup is downloaded, the drawing downloads as a single, unzipped PRF. When a drawing with markup is downloaded, the user is emailed a single, unzipped PDF with markup. Drawings with sketches are still ZIP files.

Renamed Columns in Custom Drawings Report (3/9/2017)

Updated the Reports tools to rename the following columns in the Custom Drawings Report: "Drawing Sketches Count" to "No. of Sketches" "Reviewed at" to "Published Date" "Drawing Revision ID" to "Drawing ID" "Created By" to "Published By" Also, the "Created At" Column has been removed.

Now Directing Users Back To Show Page After Deleting A Drawing Revision (3/7/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool to change the following on the a Drawing's show page: (1) Changed button label from "Delete" to "Delete Revision." and (2) Previously, when a user deleted a revision on the show page, the system would navigate the user back to the Drawing log, causing confusion as to whether the delete of the revision was successful or not. Now, when deleting a revision, the system redirects the user to the show page of the current revision of that drawing. 

CSV And PDF Exports Now Respect Search Parameters (3/6/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool so that if the user is viewing the Drawings log while search parameters are in effect, the CSV and PDF exports respect those parameter. 

Thumbnail Order Now Matches List Order In Drawing Log (3/1/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool so that the Drawing log's Thumbnails ordering matches the List order.

Improved Performance of Full Screen Mode For Drawings With Punch Pins (2/10/2017)

Improved performance when viewing drawings with large numbers of punch pins in Full Screen mode.

Fixed Publish Selected Button On Review Page (2/8/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool to fix an issue on the Review page where clicking the grey space next to 'Publish Selected' was publishing drawings. This no longer occurs. 

Performing Bulk Edit On Drawings/Specs Now Clears Checkboxes (2/7/2017)

Updated the Drawings and Specifications tools to clear the marks from the drawing/spec section checkboxes in the list page after completing a bulk edit. 

Improved Load Speed For Markup And Hyperlinks (2/3/2017)

Separated the loading of markup and hyperlinks from the loading of images on the Fullscreen viewer. This is expected to significantly speed up the performance of the tool.

Increase Number Of Drawings Shown Per Page (2/3/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool to increase the default number of drawings shown per page from 700 to 150. 

Updated 'Bulk Edit' Popup Window In Drawings Tool (1/27/2017)

Updated the 'Bulk Edit' popup window to add a checkbox and date selection calendar. 

Updated Emails To Include Links to Specifications (1/25/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool to add the following links to the emails sent by Procore tool. Clicking either link now opens a new tab in the Fullscreen Viewer for the Spec Section Revision: 

  • A 'Specifications Number' link
  • A 'Description' link
Updated The Way The Fullscreen Viewer Loads Pages (1/16/2017)

Updated the Fullscreen Viewer in the Drawings tool to change how drawings and drawing tiles load. This eliminated the "blank white page" effect that occurred just before the page fully loaded or when users zoomed/panned in the viewer. 

Increased The Activation Area On Fullscreen Viewer Buttons (1/11/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool to increase the size of the activation area on the full screen View buttons located at the top right side of the screen (i.e., markup buttons, information and exit, etc.). 

Fixed Issue With Drawing Not Opening in Viewer/Markup View (1/10/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool to fix an issue where a linked drawings did not open in the Viewer or Markup View. This has been fixed.

Added Validation To Prevent Consecutive Duplicate Revisions (1/4/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool so that the system now add a number to the end of the revision number (i.e., (1) (2), (3), (4), etc.) for consecutive duplicate revisions. It also adds backend validation to prevent future duplicate revisions from occurring.

Changed View Button Label To Info In Drawings Tool (1/3/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool to change the button label on the List page from 'View' to 'Info.' 

Changed Fullscreen Button Labels in Drawings Tool (1/3/2017)

Updated the Drawings tool to change these button labels. Changed the label on the 'Fullscreen' button to the 'Open' button, and changed the label on the 'Fullscreen/Markup' button to the 'Open in Viewer/Markup' button. 

All Changes


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