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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Drawings tool. 

Recent Changes

Added New Banner To Alert User About Maximum Number of Drawing Downloads With Smart Markup (2/14/2018)

The Project level Drawings tool permits you to download a maximum of 1000 drawings with smart markup. If your download attempt exceeds this limit, a banner appears to alert you of this limit. 

Added Multi-Select Markup to Drawings Tool (2/9/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool's Fullscreen Viewer to add the ability for users with publishing access to be able to press SHIFT + Click to bulk select and publish or delete markup. Users without publish access will now have the ability to SHIFT + Click their personal markup and have the option to bulk delete. Also, if a user tries to delete markup elements with attachments, a message appears to confirm the delete action.

Added Scrolling on Drawing Review Page with UP/DOWN Arrow Keys (2/5/2018)

Users can now scroll through the drawings on the Drawing Review page by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow keys on their computer's keyboard.

Download PDF Drawings with Smart Markups from Email Messages (2/5/2018) 

When sending a drawing to a project users from the Drawings tool, your recipients can now click the 'Download Markup' link in the message to download a PDF copy of the drawing that now supports vector-based smart markup. Note: Keep in mind that smart markups on drawing files only show the markups that were present at the time the email was sent. This is a follow-on update related to Drawings: Download with Smart Markup.

Redesigned the Upload Window for the Photos Tool (1/30/2018)

Updated the project's Photos tool to redesign the window used to upload a photo. This new window improves the user experience by providing you with the ability to perform the following tasks all at once: upload a photo, select a trade, choose the album for the upload, and attach a location.

Added a 'Confirm All' Button to New Review Page (1/26/2018)

Updated the New Drawing Review Page to add a new 'Confirm All' button that allows users to confirm uploaded drawings in batches of ten (10). 

All Changes

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