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Integrate Your Personal Box Account with Procore


To link your personal Box account to your Procore user account so you can upload files from your Box account while using Procore. 


This type of Box integration allows a single user to have access to a Box account when uploading files to Procore. Files in the Box account will not appear in Procore's Documents tool, but rather will appear as an option in the file pickers of Procore. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To enable the Box integration on your company's Procore account, your company's Procore Administrator must submit a request to your company's Procore Implementation Manager.
  • Additional Information:
    • After the Box integration is enabled on the company account, Procore users must follow the steps below to integrate the feature with their individual Box accounts.
    • When you integrate a Box account, your own user credentials are used to authenticate an active session. If you have a shared Box account with other users, it's recommended that each user sets up their Box configuration using their own user credentials to access shared folders and files.
    • Since a Box integration is a user-specific setting, once a user has integrated their Box account in an account where Box integrations are enabled, he/she will be able to add files from their Box account across any Procore account and project to which they have access. (i.e. If a user has access to multiple projects or even multiple Procore accounts, the same Box user account will be accessible for attaching files in Procore.)
    • You cannot add files directly from your Procore account and into your Box account. However, you can download files from your Procore account onto your desktop and then upload them into your Box account.
  • Supported Procore Tools:
    The following Procore tools support the ability to access and upload files directly from your Box account.
    • Emails
    • Bidding
    • Prime Contract
    • Commitments
    • Change Orders
    • RFIs
    • Submittals
    • Meetings
    • Daily Log (Notes Log)
    • Drawings
    • Directory
    • Punch List
      Important! Currently, you cannot upload files from your Box account into Procore's Documents tool.


  1. Once you have this enabled on your account by a Implementation Manager, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of any page in Procore.
  2. Click My Settings
  3. From here, set up your Box integration by clicking the link for "Box Integration."

    enable box integration.png
  4. Log in with your Box account credentials.

    Log in to your Box account
  5. Click Authorize.
  6. You will be prompted to grant Procore access to your Box account.
    (Note: You're allowing Procore to access to your Box account's files using your own Box account credentials when you're logged in to Procore.) Remember, as long as you don't share your Procore user credentials with other users, you will be the only person who will be able to access your Box files from an active Procore user session.)
  7. Click Grant access to Box. (Note: You may be prompted to close the integration window after a successful grant.) 

    Grant Procore access to your Box account

    Once entered, your Box and Procore user accounts will be linked, allowing you to directly pull files from your Box account directly into Procore. Since the integration is a user-specific setting, you will be able to access your Box files from any Procore account and project to which you have access. (See Where can I access my Box account in Procore?)

    Now you will have the additional option of choosing files from your Box account whenever you see the Attach File(s) option in Procore.


    Although a Procore account must be enabled by a Implementation Manager to allow users to integrate their own Box accounts with Procore, users must configure their own Box account integration themselves.
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