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Change Your Email Address in Procore


To change your email address in the Procore web application.


You can change your own email address in the Procore web application. However to do that, you must use the My Settings link. It is important to note that users cannot change their email address from the Company or Project level Directory tool, unless you have 'Admin' level permissions to those tools. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: Anyone in Procore can change his or her own email using the My Settings link, regardless of permissions. However, you can only change your own email. You cannot change another user's email.
  • You cannot change your email on a mobile device.


  1. Log into Procore.
  2. From any page in Procore, click your name in the upper right corner.
  3. Click My Settings
  4. In the email field, change the email you would like to be associated with in the Directory. (Note: You will still log in with the email that was set up with your account.)
  5. Click Save. (Note: Your email will now change in the Directory tabs of all projects you are associated with. You will receive Procore emails to this new email, and anyone who has access to the Directory will see this email under your name.)
If you would like to change the email that you use to log in to Procore, follow the steps below.
  1. Change your email in Procore by having your Project or Company 'Admin' user deactivate your account associated with the old email by Deactivating a User, and then adding in your new email by Adding a Person to the Project DirectoryAdding a Person to the Company Directory, or Bulk Adding Users to a Project
  2. Your new account will be created, but you will not be associated with any items assigned to your old account. 
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