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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Daily Log tool. 

Recent Changes

Added Day Of The Week To Daily Log Header (3/14/2017)

Updated the Daily Log tool to add the day of the week to the header and spell out the date instead of in the mm/dd/yyyy format.

Changed the Behavior of 'Creator' After Copying A Daily Log (3/7/2017)

Updated the Daily Log tool so that now when a user copies a Daily Log, the 'Creator' of the new log matches the name of the logged in user. Previously, the system maintained the 'Creator' named on the original log.

Increased Daily Log Load Speed (1/31/2017)

Increased the load speed for the Daily Log tool by removing the sticky headers from a number of Daily Logs. Sticky headers remain in place for these logs: Manpower, Notes, Time, Daily Construction Report and Equipment.

Added 'Date' Field To Daily Construction Report (1/11/2017)

Added a 'Date' field to the Daily Construction Report.

Updated Weather Snapshot Icons For Past Dates (1/6/2017)

Updated the Daily Log tool so that the weather snapshot icon for past dates is displayed as expected on a project.

Updated 'Issued To' Field In Daily Log's PDF Export File (1/4/2017)

Updated the Daily Log tool to address an issue where the 'Company Name' was cut off in the 'Issued To' field when the Daily Log was exported to PDF.

All Changes


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