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View Budget Reports


To view and understand different types of budget reports.

Things to Consider

  • Each report has different required user permissions (as listed below).
  • The reports tab must be active in order for the Budget Modifications, Budget Summary, and Budget Details to be visible to any user.


Budget Modifications Report

The Budget Modifications Report shows an exhaustive list of all budget modifications that have been performed on the budget. It's important to remember that budget modifications can only be added to a locked budget. Since users with 'Standard' and 'Admin' user permissions on that Budget tool can perform budget modifications, you can use this report to quickly identify who made a particular modification, as well as when it was added to the budget.

You must have 'Standard' or 'Admin' user permissions on the Budget tool to view the report. See Create a Budget Modification.

Buyout Summary Report

Any user with 'Read-only' and above permissions on the Budget tool can view the report. The report will display every line on the Budget, and will only display approved Commitment contracts for those line items. This report can be used to quickly determine which vendors are working on each Budget line item and identify any Budget line items where the Commitment contracts have not been written or finalized. 

Budget Detail Report

The Budget Detail Report provides the most detailed report of your budget. Any user with 'Read-only' and above permissions on the Budget report can view the report.It shows an exhaustive and details breakdown of all types of changes to the budget.

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