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Import a Budget CSV


To import a project's budget into Procore. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Standard' level permission or higher on project's Budget tool.
  • Supported Import File Type:
    • CSV
  • Prerequisites:
    • The Budget tool must be unlocked before you can import a CSV of your budget. Once a budget is locked, you can only use the Create Budget Line Item option to add additional items.
    • You can only add multiple items with the same cost code if each item has a different category. Example:
      • 02-300 - Earthwork, M, $30,000
      • 02-300 - Earthwork, L, $10,500
  • Additional Information:
    • Any future modifications to the budget should be manually added using the Create Budget Line Item option.
    • If you export a budget into a CSV, you cannot make changes to it outside of Procore (e.g. in Microsoft Excel) and then re-import the revised version using the Import button. (An exported CSV contains additional columns of information that are not supported by the Import feature.)
    • Although it's recommended that you only import your budget once, if you import a newer version of the budget, any new items will be added to the list and changes to "Original Budget" values (of existing items) will be overwritten with the most recent value.
    • If you need assistance with the import process, email imports@procore.com.


  1. Navigate to the project's Budget tool.

  2. Make sure the budget is unlocked.

  3. Click the Download Template text link to download the budget.csv file.
    Important: Add your project's budget into the provided template CSV file. For compatibility reasons, it's strongly recommended that you only use the provided template (budget.csv) for importing your budget data. 


  4. Populate the spreadsheet with your budget data. DO NOT rename any of the columns or add/remove columns from the spreadsheet. You can copy the budget data over from another spreadsheet, but make sure to use your company's Cost Code and Types (as defined at the company level in Procore under the Admin > Contract Configuration tab). If you fill out this spreadsheet manually, you do not have to delete unused rows. Procore will not import and create items for any rows where the Type or Budget Amount fields are blank.


    • Cost Code: The Cost Code number, in the following format: 'Division-Code' (e.g. 01-200)
    • Type: The Category Type of your Cost Code (e.g. Labor, Materials, etc.) You must use one of the supported abbreviations from the list that's defined for your company. For example, if the category type is Materials, use 'M' and not 'm', materials or Materials. Below are the standard Procore Cost Code Types, but your company may have a modified list.
    • L - Labor
    • E - Equipment
    • M - Materials
    • S - Commitment
    • OC - Owners Cost
    • SVC - Professional Services
    • O - Other
    • Budget Amount: Enter a numeric value. (The use of commas and/or the dollar symbol ($) are not required.)
  5. Select the modified CSV file and click the Import button.
  6. Check the import and verify that all items of your budget were properly imported.
  7. (Optional) Add additional budget line items, as necessary. (Note: When you edit any values highlighted in yellow, the related columns of information will automatically be recalculated in real-time to reflect those changes. Users with 'Standard' or 'Admin' user permissions can edit budget values.)
  8. Once you are satisfied with your budget, click the Lock Budget button to lock down your budget. (Warning! Once a budget is locked, you can no longer change any "Original Budget" amounts.)

    NOTE: When the Budget tab is active, the reports tab will appear differently
    -  The project will no longer have the Budget Forecast Report or Budget Summary Report
    + The project will gain the Budget Modifications Report and the Budget Detail Report

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