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Create a Missing Budget Line Item


To add new line items to the budget that are associated with commitments (e.g. subcontracts and change orders) that contain SOV line items with a cost code/category combination that's currently not represented in the budget. 


During the lifecycle of a project, new commitments or change orders may introduce line items that were not included in the original budget's SOV, often times by mistake. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Standard' or 'Admin' on the Budget tool
  • You can create missing budget line items to a locked or unlocked budget.
  • Any missing budget line items from commitments will be included, regardless of the commitment's status. For example, even line items from a commitment that's in the "Draft" status. 


  1. Go to a project's Budget tab. 
  2. Click the Create Budget Line Items button.
  3. Select the cost code and and category for the missing budget line item. You can assign a value to the Original Budget if the Budget is unlocked, or you can transfer money into this code via a change order or budget modification if the Budget is locked.

  4. Click +Add.
  5. The line item is now added to your budget. You can add a value to the "Direct Costs" field, as in the image below. The line item is now red, since the cost is greater than the projected budget. 



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