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Request a Cost Code Import

IMPORTANT! In order to protect the integrity of your company’s data, Procore Employees are restricted from modifying the data that clients submit in all Procore Import Templates. This restriction applies to all data modifications, including correcting typographical errors. If Procore determines that errors are present in the Procore Import Template that you submit, it will be returned to you for correction. 



To submit a request to have your company's cost codes imported into Procore at the beginning of a project.


If your company or project requires a unique cost code structure, you can import custom cost codes into either the Company level or Project level Admin tool. Some companies design their cost code structure to align with the CSI MasterFormat. Other companies decide to implement a cost code structure that is unique to their industry, organization, or project environment. Regardless of the structure, you can submit a request to have a Procore representative import the custom cost codes for you. 

Note: The Company and Project Level Admin tools include a 16 Division Cost Code Structure that aligns to the CSI MasterFormat. See What are Procore's Default Cost Codes?

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To request a cost code import for a project, 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Admin tool.


  1. Send an email to your Procore point of contact or to
  2. When your request is received, your Procore point of contact will work with you to help you collect and format your data to meet the import requirements. Then your Procore point of contact will import your cost code data for you. 
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