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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Portfolio tool. 

Recent Changes

Hide 'Schedule Updated' Value When Schedules Tool Is Disabled (3/20/2017)

Updated the Portfolio Overview to hide the "Schedule Updated" value if the Schedules tool is disabled.

New Header for Company Level Portfolio Tool (3/14/2017)

Updated the view and configuration settings in the Portfolio tool. Configuration Settings now display as an ORANGE cog icon to the left of the 'Portfolio' page title. Different 'Views' now appear across the top of the page. A new 'Financial Project Views' drop-down menu has an ORANGE line that indicates the user's location. Users can return to the Projects (e.g., list of thumbnails, etc.) by clicking on 'Projects' or another view icon. 

Updated Card Shadow And Size In Portfolio Tool (3/7/2017)

Updated card shadow and size in Portfolio tool for better visibility.

Updated Layout in Portfolio Page (2/23/2017)

Updated the Portfolio tool to make changes to the Portfolio page layout (i.e., new icons for List, Thumbnails, Overview, and Map in the top right corner). Also updated the Cards styles to correspond to each view.

Updated Wording On Buttons (2/8/2017)

Updated the Portfolio tool to change the wording on the buttons during the Project Creation process in order to make it more clear when the system is creating the project. This will help to prevent users from accidentally clicking the button more than once, which resulted in the system creating multiple projects when the user only intend to create one (1) project.

All Changes

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