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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level ERP Integrations tool. 

Recent Changes

Changed the Maximum Character Length for Commitment Titles (3/13/2017) 

Updated the ERP Integrations tool to change how the system determines the maximum character length for the 'Title' of a commitment.  See What is the maximum character length of a commitment's 'Title'? for more information. 

Improved ERP Job Cost Tab Sorting (2/13/2017)

Updated the ERP Job Cost tab in the ERP Integrations tool so that the Job drop-down list now sorts items alpha-numerically and any sub job will include the number in the display.

Updated Filters For Job Costs Tab In ERP Integrations Tool (1/25/2017)

Updated ERP Job Cost tab in the ERP Integrations tool so user's can now filter out any cost code category combinations that have no transactions tied to them.

Now Importing 'Country' For Vendor Records Not Located Same Country (1/16/2017)

Updated the ERP Integrations tool so that now, if a Vendor is imported into a client's company account and that Vendor is not located within the same country as the client doing the import, the system will backfill the 'Country' value for the Vendor being imported.  This gives Procore clients the ability to import vendor records for business entities that are located outside of their company's account's home country.

All Changes


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