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Add a Custom Project Role


To add custom project roles to the company's Admin tool for use on your company's Procore projects. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the company's Admin tool. 


In Procore, the custom project roles feature in the Company level Admin tool gives your company the ability to create a customized list of project roles that reflect your organization's unique semantics for role-labeling. For example, some company's may wish to simply create a called 'Project Manager', while other organization's might prefer their role to be more specific to a professional title 'Senior Project Manager' or 'Assistant Project Manager' role.

Other examples of roles you might want to create include: 

Examples of the types of project roles you might create include: Owner, Vice President, Senior Project Manager, Project Architect, Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Field Project Manager, Land Planner, Senior Project Architect, Associate Architect, Concrete Contractor,  Drywall Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, and so on. 

When adding a custom project role, you must always specify the 'Type' (i.e., whether the role is performed by a Person or a Company). In addition, a custom project role must specify the 'Group' (i.e., whether the role can be classified under Construction ManagersDesign TeamGeneral ContractorsMiscellaneousOwner, and Subcontractors. Note: 'Groups' are default selections in Procore and cannot be customized). 

After you've create your company's list of project roles, you can then identify all the 'Project Team' members by role on each project's Home page (see Add the Project Team to the Project Home Page). You can also can opt to include the custom project roles that you create in a custom Portfolio report (see Create Custom Portfolio Reports).  


  1. Navigate to the company's Admin tool.
    This reveals the 'Company Settings' page. 
  2. In the 'Administrative Settings' menu, click Project Roles.
    This opens the 'Project Roles' page. 
  3. For each role that you want to add, complete the following:
    • Role. Type the desired name for the project role. For example, you might want to create a roles such as 'Project Manager' or 'Assistant Project Manager'.
    • Type. Select Person or Company from the drop-down list. 
    • Group: Select a group from the drop-down list. You have these options: Construction Managers, Design Team, General Contractors, Miscellaneous, Owner, and Subcontractors. (Note: These groups are default selections in Procore and cannot be customized). 
    • Add to Project Dashboard: Mark this checkbox to add the role to the Project Dashboard (a.k.a., Project Home page).  
    • Portfolio Filter: Mark this checkbox to add the role as a filter option in the company's Portfolio tool. In the illustration above, users of the Portfolio tool will be able to apply the Construction Manager filter when viewing the company's Portfolio data because the role's Portfolio Filter box is marked here. 
    • Add [+]. Click the button to add the new role to the list. 
  4. Repeat the steps above for each desired role.
    Below is an example of a list of custom project roles. After you've added the roles that your company wants to use on its Procore projects, you can continue with the Next Step
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