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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the company's Admin tool. 

Recent Changes


Updated 'Root Cause Analysis' And 'Observation Types Configuration' Pages (3/12/2018)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to add progress indicators (i.e., table loading spinners) on the 'Root Cause Analysis' page. Also updated the 'Observation Types Configuration' page to match observation types and added a tooltip that displays if an observation type is in use on a project and added a BLUE caret to show that users can edit observation types inline.

Added New Enable Docusign Checkbox (1/11/2018)

Added "Enable Docusign" checkbox to the company level Admin tool on the Project Settings page under 'Default Project Settings'. This gives Procore Administrators the ability to enable the Docusign integration on all projects within the company by default. The setting affects new and existing projects. See Configure Your Company's Default Project Settings.

Added a New Prevent Overbilling on All Projects Checkbox to Company Level Admin Tool (1/4/2018)

Added a new checkbox named 'Prevent Overbilling on All Projects' to the Project Settings page of the Company Level Admin tool. If you place a mark in this checkbox, the over billing settings in the Project level Admin tool's Advanced Settings and the Project level Commitment tool's settings pages cannot be modified, the checkboxes will be disabled, and requisitions cannot be over billed.

All Changes

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