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Daily Log: Coming Soon! New Daily Log Experience to be Procore's Default View

Published: May 3, 2018

New Daily Log Experience

Procore has improved the Daily Log experience by streamlining each day's view page with a variety of interface improvements. This will provide end users with an easier-to-navigate Daily Log experience that will save time when scanning the page for applicable information. 

  • Improved page layout for better readability and faster load times
    Removed daily logs that have not been filled out from the view page to improve readability and to enhance data entry. This improvement also causes the Daily Log to load 41% faster.
  • Added an empty state
    Added a "No Daily Log Entries" image that will appear on days that have not been filled out to give you and your team an easily recognizable indicator when a day has not been filled out. 
  • Added a Sticky View
    Your Daily Log view (Beta or Legacy) will be remembered for the next time you log in. For example, if you use the beta view, you will be taken to the beta view the next time you access the Daily Log tool. You will be able to toggle between the Legacy view and the Beta view until the beta view becomes the default view for all users.



Have feedback?

To submit your feedback about the beta view for the Daily Log, please send your comments to:

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