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Accept or Reject a Company for Export to Sage 300 CRE


To add a new vendor in your integrated ERP system by exporting a company record from Procore's Company Directory. 


If your Procore Company Directory contains a company/vendor record that does not exist in your integrated ERP system, you can export that record from Procore into your integrated ERP system. 

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the company's ERP Integrations tool.
    This reveals the 
  2. Click the Vendors subtab.
  3. In the 'Filters' menu in the right pane, click Ready to Export.
    The system reveals a 'Companies Only in Procore' list to show all of the active vendor/company records that do not exist in Sage 300 CRE (Note: This page only lists active company records. Inactive companies cannot be exported to a third-party ERP system. If a company record is not listed here, check to see if it is inactive. See Deactivate a Company).

  4. Review the vendors/companies in the list. Then do the following:
    • Type: Choose a vendor type from the drop-down list (e.g., Credit Card, Supplier, Subcontractor, etc.) (Note: Vendor Types are defined in Sage 300 CRE. See your Sage 300 CRE Help System). To select the vendor types to import into Procore, see Configure the Vendor Type Import Settings for Sage 300 CRE.
  5. Enter the Sage 300 CRE Vendor ID in the text box.
    Note: This is the vendor ID that will be used in Sage for this company
  6. Click Export (Note: After successfully exporting the company to Sage 300 CRE, the system removes it from the 'Companies Only in Procore' list).
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