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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Procore + Dexter & Chaney Connector. 

Recent Changes

Updated ERP Icon Color Scheme (2/16/2018) 

If your company has enabled the ERP Integrations tool for use with an integrated ERP system, color-coded icons and ribbons appear in relevant areas of Procore. This visually highlights the data, to help you quickly identify its current state. For details, see ERP Integrations: Updated Color Scheme for ERP Icons.

Updated 'Add Filter' in Companies Tab of Directory Tools To Reflect Cost Code Configuration (2/14/2018)
Updated Tooltip on 'Ready to Export' Page of Jobs Tab in ERP Integrations (2/12/2018)

Updated the 'Template' drop-down list on the 'Read to Export' page of the Jobs tab in the ERP Integrations tool so the tooltip now reads: "Select an existing Spectrum Job to supply the Division, Taxable Flag, Price Type, Customer, Cost Centers (if activated), and Customer fields for this export."

All Changes

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