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Getting Started with Procore: Internal Users

Welcome to Procore!

We know it can be challenging to learn new software. Here are several resources that will help you get the most out of Procore. This guide will walk you through the training resources that will help you get started using Procore. Access to all of Procore’s help and support resources is only a click away!

Logging in to Procore

  1. Look for an email titled, "Welcome to Procore" in your inbox. (Note: In Procore, you are uniquely identified by your email address.)

  2. Use the link to create your new password. Passwords must be least 8 characters in length and contain at least one upper case letter, lower case letter, numeric character, and special character.

  3. Log in to Procore. Don't forget to bookmark

  4. Once you log in to Procore you will be taken to the account's Portfolio tab, which gives you one-click access to all of your projects.

  5. (Recommended) Return to the "Welcome to Procore" email and use the download links to install Procore's mobile application on your (iOS/Android) smartphone/tablet. 


Procore Certification

Once you have successfully logged in to Procore's web application, the first thing you should do is access our Procore Certification site by clicking the "Support and Feedback" icon  in the top-right corner.  




Project Managers and Company Administrators should complete the "Associate" course (~3hrs). 

Other users may select from one of the role-based courses, which take approximately 1-2hrs to complete.

Free Training Webinars

In addition to Procore Certification Training, there are Free Training Webinars every day of the week. It's recommended that you join a few of the live training sessions (view training schedule) for tools that are relevant to your job role. 


Accessing the Sandbox Test Project

In conjunction with Procore Certification Training and Daily Live Webinars, it is crucial that team members engage in the Sandbox Training project, which is intended for users to test the system and become confident using the Procore system without affecting any live projects. The Sandbox Training project will be accessible via the account's Portfolio tab. If you do not see the Sandbox Test project when you log in, please contact your Procore Administrator to be given access.

Download Procore's Mobile Application

Download Procore's Mobile Application

The best way to use Procore on a job site is by installing our mobile application on your smartphone or tablet. Stay in-sync with your project team at all times regardless of whether you're in the office or job site. You can even work in offline mode where all of your data automatically syncs with Procore once a network connection is re-established.

 View Download Instructions
View Download Instructions

Download Procore Drive

As described in the certification course, Procore Drive is a way to access documents stored in the Documents tool in Procore, right from your desktop. Download the application and login with the same username and password you would for the web-interface. 


Help & Support

If you have questions about how company-specific processes should be handled in Procore, please contact your Procore administrators.

English Support
Monday through Friday, 6AM - 11PM (CST)
Saturday, 10AM - 8PM (CST)

Sunday, 12 Noon - 10PM (CST)

Live Chat | Email | Phone |  866-477-6267 (toll-free)

For all your Procore-related questions

Access to our US-based customer support team is available for FREE to all Procore users.

  • How do I set up my Procore account?
  • Why are my drawings not uploading?
  • How do I redistribute a submittal?
  • How do I recover a previously deleted file?

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