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Which tablet device should I purchase for using Procore?

For offline use, the Procore app will store data locally to your device. The amount of space required on your device will depend on the number of these items within each project. As a rough guide, each page of a drawing requires 1.5 MB of space, each photo is roughly 1 MB, and each page of a document is roughly 1.5 MB. So for large projects, it is not uncommon for the Procore app to store between 5-10 GB.

Procore recommends the devices outlined below to deliver the best Procore experience. At least 32 GB of storage is recommended for managing 3 or more projects. Please note that if your device is running out of storage, you can delete cached data on a per-project basis. See How do I manage the storage the Procore mobile app is using on my device?

For Apple Devices
  • We recommend either the iPad Pro 9.7 inch or the iPad Air2 (32 GB and above) for running the Procore app.
For Android Devices
  • We recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for running the Procore app. 
For Windows Devices
  • We recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128 GB) for running the Procore app. 




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